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My name is Irantzu Suberviola and I currently live and work in Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). After graduating from arts school, I started a career in web and graphic design... and I love it!

Down this yearlong path, I have acquired experience in many different aspects of design, from corporate websites to logo design, advertising material, and online shops. I've also been involved in more complex projects involving front- and backend development, as well as managing users, events, etc. both nationally and internationally, which I have enjoyed a lot.

Because of this rich experience, I can carry out a project from the conceptual design to its implementation, SEO positioning and optimization. Also, because my personal path has taken me here and there, I can communicate effectively in spanish, english and german. While that means I can work as a freelancer, I also love the team spirit and communication and am very happy to take on a role in a bigger team.

If I got your attention and you'd like to see my resume and formal training in detail, you're welcome to do that here.



Unique designs

For my projects I create unique designs from the beginning. The client can thus form part of his website from the first moment, applying his idea from the first design to the end of his programming

Web Development

I like a lot to program with a clear and clean code, one of the bases, optimizing the data and images for a slower speed of loading of the application and improvement of Responsive and SEO

static and dinamic

Each project is unique.
I can program both simple static projects and complex dynamic applications, based on data through MySQL and PHP with management panel for the client

Responsive design

Currently the visualization of the projects in the different technological means is essential. As an expert in CSS, my projects are created using Responsive Design format


I carry out the maintenance of the projects, be they static or dynamic with administration panel, and I can also collaborate with external projects for their improvement and optimization

Optimized & accessible

I consider that WWW world should be accessible to each and every person. That is why I put a special attention in each project to the optimization for a correct accessibility to everybody

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